Keni Thomas, Fight I Couldn't Win Lyrics

Fight I Couldn't Win Lyrics

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Keni Thomas - Fight I Couldn't Win Lyrics

Eighth grade, standing my ground
Outweighed by at least 30 pounds
Oh, Willie T. James
Meanest boy in the school
Toe to toe outside of homeroom
Like two gunslingers in the hall at high noon
Thereís no backing down now
Youíd just look like a fool
Somebody had to stand up to him
I stood up, and got knocked back down again
Thatís a fight I couldnít win

Stumbling for words on the phone
Dadís trying to tell me why heís not coming home
Itís your mother and me
Boy, itís not your fault
So itís one weekend a month
And a summer vacation
Made a special trip back, for my graduation
Said, ďIím proud of you, son... take good care of your MomĒ
I tried to be a man and hold it in
I didnít want to cry in front of him
Thatís a fight I couldnít win

And sometimes youíve got to let go
Sometimes youíre gonna lose
You try to choose your battles
But sometimes they choose you

Soldiers holding our ground
Shots ringing out, and the men going down
We were caught in harmís way
Way too far from home
Well itís not about pride or the headline story
Not for the country, or even Old Glory
At times like that, youíre trying to bring each other back home
I ran over to help my friend
I tried to keep the life inside of him

Mm, hm... I tried

Thatís a fight I couldnít win
Thatís a fight I couldnít win

[Thanks to Deb for lyrics]

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