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Heathens Lyrics

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Drive-By Truckers - Heathens Lyrics

Something about the wrinkle in your forehead tells me thereís a fit about to get thrown
If we get the van out of the ditch before morning ainít nobody got to know what I done
And I never hear a single word you say when you tell me not to have my fun
Itís the same old shit that I ainít gonna take off anyone.
And I donít need to be forgiven by them people in the neighborhood
When we first hooked up, you looked me in the eye
and said ďPaw, we just ainít no goodĒ.

We were Heathens in their eyes at the time, I guess I am just a Heathen still
and I never have repented from the wrongs that they say I have done
I done what I feel.

It was a difficult delivery, now itís growing up mean and strong
When you tell me that itís getting a little bit tight, ainít the first time I been outgrown
And Iím gonna push a little harder
She ainít revved till the rods are thrown
I Ďll walk away

And I donít need to be forsaken by you or anybody else
and I never had a shortage of people tryiní to warn me about the dangers I pose to myself.

These times can take their toll sometimes and I know you feel the same way too
It gets so hard to keep between the ditches
when the roads wind the way they do.

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