Drive-By Truckers, The Opening Act Lyrics

The Opening Act Lyrics

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Drive-By Truckers - The Opening Act Lyrics

Thereís a big fat man on a mechanical bull in slow motion like Debra Winger
And he gets knocked off and I think heís hurt,
Itís a bitch facing facts and figures
Thereís a band on stage that used to be huge
They sound on but no oneís listening
Theyíre told to turn down and they politely oblige
Ainít no such thing as a free ride

It ainít my problem and it ainít my show and I ainít being condescending
Itís just the opening slot and I hit my mark and split as the crowd is thinning

The manís on the guest list so I guess it will be alrightÖ

So the paramedics arrive and they haul off that Urban Bovine Kneivel
I see my friend and give him all my money and tell myself itís a necessary evil
And itís all such a fleeting thing so Iíd best try and enjoy it
So much beauty and just enough time to figure out how to destroy it

Iím just the opening act

And it ainít my crowd and it ainít my night but Iíd be lying if I said I canít relate
Iím just the opening act and the van is packed and Iím hauling ass to another state

And Iím driving north as the sun was rising over a Technicolor horizon
I reached out to touch you but youíre not there, a thousand miles away from here
I turned up the radio; heard some preacher talking salvation
My tank is half full and I reached over and changed the station

Iím just the opening act

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