Turnpike Troubadours, 1968 Lyrics

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Turnpike Troubadours - 1968 Lyrics

One, Two, Three,

There ainít a thing in the world to take me back
Like a dark-haired girl in a Cadillac
On main street of an old forgotten town
The sun light shines in fine white lines
On weathered stores with open signs
They may as well just close Ďem down.

And you look like 1968 or was it Ď69
When I heard you caught a bullet
Well I guess youíre doing fine
And you speak of revolution
Like itís some place that youíve been
Well youíve been a long time gone
Good too see you my old friend.

Oh and now that sun has gone away
Replaced instead by silver rays
Of moonlight falling on the avenue
Oh and I could sleep if you would drive
I just canít keep my mind alive
And youíve got nothing better else to do

And we've all been looking for you
Like a hobo you walk in
Well how the mighty all have fallen
How the holy all have sinned
Is that the clattering of sabers
Or the cool September winds
Well youíve been a long time gone
Good to see you my old friend.

And thereís just two times a day like this
You find this kind of blissfulness
The sun it sets and rises in the morn.
And weíre shakin hands; I rub my eyes
Free up all my alibis
Just a blinking like the day I was born

Repeat Chorus

And when the rounds were fired that April you were on the balcony
When ten thousand tear drops hit the ground in Memphis, Tennessee
You were a prideful rebel yell among a million marching men.
And youíve been a long time gone
Good to see you my old friend
Well youíve been a long time gone
Good to see you my old friend.

[Thanks to Steven Weggemann for lyrics]

[Thanks to Jason Fuhst for corrections]

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