Shania Twain, Rythem Made Me Do It Lyrics

Rythem Made Me Do It Lyrics

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Shania Twain - Rythem Made Me Do It Lyrics

I just can't sleep so I get in my car and I drive
I'm on the 101 and I'm cruisin' by TO 105
Got the radio cranked and the rhythm is comin' alive

Got the wind in my face and I'm ready to take on the night
Not a worry in sight AND the DJ is rockin' me RIGHT
Things are startin' to shake BUT hold on 'cause I ain't gonna break

Red light in the rear view mirror
(Well hey you pull it over here)
He says miss just step away from the car
(Hands on your head move and you're dead)
But officer

The rhythm made me do it
The rhythm got me high
The rhythm made me do it
What can I say
The rhythm made me do it

He's walkin' real slow and I know he's checkin' me out
Officer please can you tell me what this is about
You're doin' 105 and I'm lucky that you're still alive

He says baby get behind the wheel
I wanna make your tires squeal
Hey baby like to make some noise
Turn it on, turn it up


Got the wind in our faces been drivin' all though the night
Got the red lights on and the DJ is rockin' us right
Things are startin' to shake so hold on 'cause we ain't gonna break


CHORUS(repeat and fade)

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