Van Zant Lyrics
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Van Zant Lyrics

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Van Zant Lyrics

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Album Lyrics: My Kind of Country [2007]

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Van Zant
"My Kind of Country" [2007]

  1. Train
  2. These Colors Don't Run
  3. Goes Down Easy
  4. That Scares Me
  5. My Kind Of Country
  6. The Hardest Thing
  7. It's Only Money
  8. We Can't Do It Alone
  9. Friend
  10. It's All About You
  11. Headed South

Album Lyrics: Get Right With the Man [2005]

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Van Zant
"Get Right With the Man" [2005]

  1. Takin' Up Space
  2. Nobody Gonna Tell Me What To Do
  3. Sweet Mama
  4. Help Somebody
  5. Things I Miss The Most
  6. I Know My History
  7. I Can't Help Myself
  8. I'm Doin' Alright
  9. Lovin' You
  10. Plain Jane
  11. Been There Done That
  12. Get Right With the Man
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