Van Zant, Sweet Mama Lyrics

Sweet Mama Lyrics

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Van Zant - Sweet Mama Lyrics

I was raised on the westside shanty town
I didn't get up until the sun went down
When your back's against the wall
You better get tough
You learn real quick how to swing and duck

I was born in the sweet hot Florida sunshine
Good lookin' women backwoods and moonshine
Learned more about life on the streets then in the school
My sweet mama didn't raise no fool (That's right)

Some folks cheat and some folks lie
But I cant judge a man from the look in his eye
Don't hand me Jack and try to call it cola
I know the difference between shit and shinola

(Repeat Chorus)
(I;m talking about mama- oh sweet mama)

Mama was no angel
But she taught me right from wrong
She knew every single word
And every Single note of every song
She taught me how to gamble
How to role the dice
If it makes you fell good do it
Don't think twice

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Talkin' about my sweet mama
Mama didn't raise no fool

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