Various Artists, Goodbye Moon - Christy Cornelius Lyrics

Goodbye Moon - Christy Cornelius Lyrics

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Various Artists - Goodbye Moon - Christy Cornelius Lyrics

The fog is slowly rising from the river
The moon is hiding in the clouds like a silent thief
No good can ever come from a night that starts like this
And what's the future gonna hold for you and me

Sittin her with you, the front porch swinging
We search for words to say goodbye as the tension builds
The moon must be ashamed of what we're doing
It's hiding there behind that dark cloud still

It's a goodbye moon so ashamed of what we're gonna do
It's a goodbye moon hiding from the likes of me and you
Then the wind blows in like a violin playing a lonesome tune
A lonesome lonely goodbye tune beneath a goodbye moon

You may think that it's all over once we say goodbye
But there's no place for guilty hearts to hide
That old goodbye moon will follow us for years
And we never will forget what happened here

[Thanks to Stephen for lyrics]

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