Phil Vassar, Let's Get Together Lyrics

Let's Get Together Lyrics

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Phil Vassar - Let's Get Together Lyrics

Written by: Phil Vassar

Iced down coolers cooliní
Tiki torches spread across the yard
Itís just past seven and my friend Kevin
Is playiní ĎStairway to Heavení on air guitar
My brother Porterís out there hanginí with the Mrs.
My babyís bringiní me a big olí bag of Kisses

So come on over
Everybodyís hanginí out at my house
Stars are out
Campfiresí burniní and the musicís loud
Best time ever
Always perfect weather
To come on over, baby
Letís get, get, get together
Letís get together

Everybodyís laughiní and danciní
Jumpin up and down, all around
And a feeliní alright (yeah, thatís right)
There ainít nothiní wrong
With an all night sing-along
There ainít no curfew here tonight (thatís right)
The smoke is smokiní and the hot tub is bubbliní
Snuggle up next to me, honey,
And give me some more of that loviní


Lifeís about memories
Letís make us some
We can worry about tomorrow
When tomorrow comes

Come on over
Letís get together
Letís get together

[Thanks to Lee Ann for lyrics]

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