Laura Veirs Lyrics
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Laura Veirs Lyrics

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Laura Veirs Lyrics

Veirs Laura Tabs

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Album Lyrics: Saltbreakers [2007]

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Veirs Laura
"Saltbreakers" [2007]

  1. Pink Light
  2. Ocean Night Song
  3. Don't Lose Yourself
  4. Drink Deep
  5. Wandering Kind
  6. Nightingale
  7. Saltbreakers
  8. To the Country
  9. Cast a Hook in Me
  10. Phantom Mountain
  11. Black Butterfly
  12. Wrecking

Album Lyrics: Troubled by the Fire [2006]

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Veirs Laura
"Troubled by the Fire" [2006]

  1. Lost At Seaflower Cove
  2. Bedroom Eyes
  3. The Ballad Of John Vogelin
  4. Song My Friends Taught Me
  5. Cannon Fodder
  6. Tom Skookum Road (Instrumental)
  7. Tiger Tattoos
  8. A Shining Lamp (Instrumental)
  9. Ohio Clouds
  10. Devil's Hootenanny
  11. Midnight Singer

Album Lyrics: Year of Meteors [2005]

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Veirs Laura
"Year of Meteors" [2005]

  1. Fire Snakes
  2. Galaxies
  3. Secret Someones
  4. Magnetized
  5. Parisian Dream
  6. Rialto
  7. Through The Glow
  8. Cool Water
  9. Spelunking
  10. Black Gold Blues
  11. Where Gravity Is Dead
  12. Lake Swimming
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