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Matamoros Lyrics

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Billy Walker - Matamoros Lyrics

In old Mexico I stand on the square in Matamoros
Round a Plaza the couples are walking to music so sweet
I found my love not too long ago in Matamoros
But I'm feeling low as the beggar who sits in the street
Oh, the promises that she made me with eyes black as midnight
How could I know how fickle her promise could be
Now I'm back to find what I feel is mine in Matamoros
And there'll be bad trouble if I catch her cheating on me

Streets are narrow and dark and tequilla runs free in Matamoros
I stopped for one moment outside of Miguel's swinging door
My heart breaks to hear the same haunting sounds of Granada
She once called it our song and vowed should be mine evermore
Then across the square went this wild young vaquero I see her
Laughing and dancing and tossing her raven black hair
They may take a hand when I face this man from Matamoros
For the love of my woman is one thing that I'll never share

[ guitar ]

Now I walk in the night far away from the lights of Matamoros
And recall the last moments when I knew she loved me more than life
I can still hear her cry "I love you and I'll prove it Manana!"
Then seeing my danger she jumped in front of his knife
I know the stories they'll tell in the dim lit casinos
Of the raven haired beauty who for her love laid dead on the floor
They'll speak of the fight with the gringo that night in Matamoros
And wonder what happened for he never returned anymore
oh oh hoo

[Thanks to William M. Herring for lyrics]

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