Clay Walker, Jesus Was A Country Boy Lyrics

Jesus Was A Country Boy Lyrics

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Clay Walker - Jesus Was A Country Boy Lyrics

I stumbled on a preacher Sunday mornin'
All decked out and made up for t.v.
Askiní for some money from God's people
Talkin' all that high theology

Well I might be just an old blue collar
There's things about the Lord that I donít know
But I bet he never had a million dollars
or wore a lot of stylish fancy clothes.

Cuz Jesus was a country boy
Walkin' down a dirt road with everything that he owned
He never met a stranger
Born in a barn, underneath the stars
His momma laid him in a manger
Swimminí in the river fishin' for his dinner livin' with the sinners like me
Makes me think that Jesus was a country boy

My daddy never cared much for religion
And my momma worried a lot about his soul
She'd hit her knees and pray for him on Sunday
While daddy hit his favorite fishin' hole

You see daddy was a rebel and a rambler
But I always knew he loved my momma so
And I never doubted heíd make it to heaven
Cause it ainít who you are, it's who you know,
and daddy knew


Oh yes, and I believe that Jesus was a country boy

[Thanks to JC for corrections]

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