Clay Walker, Workin' Man Lyrics

Workin' Man Lyrics

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Clay Walker - Workin' Man Lyrics

Clay Walker
Workin' Man Lyrics

He slips on his warn out jeans,
She buttons up his shirt
A sleepy smile, and a goodbye kiss
He's up and off to work
He put's in a forty hour week, but she's on his mind full-time,
And He'll give it everything he's got
Cause he's all her's at five.

Cause he's a...

Workin' Man
He don't mind workin' overtime
for the trust and the touch of a woman come rain or shine...
He's got...Workin' Hands
And put's his heart in everything he does
Cause, he's a workin' man, workin' on a thing called love.

Things get fun when he gets home,
She kinda likes it when he's around
She's got a honey-do list with a lipstick kiss and meet me when the sun goes down

Cause he's a...

:Repeat Chorus:

:Guitar Solo:

She could've had anyone she wanted,
but she's never wanted more
Than a man who was willin' to die,
For the woman he's living for...


Workin on a thing called love (2)

[Thanks to Tommy Strong for lyrics]

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