Shannon Walker, His Father's Son Lyrics

His Father's Son Lyrics

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Shannon Walker - His Father's Son Lyrics

(Harley Allen; Keith B. Brown)

Someone asked me bout the live I had
I thought about it and I said My Dad
I learned to play guitar from my old man
Hes the reason that Im who I am
If hed been a gambler Id be on the Vegas trip
If hed been a rambler Id be on a plane or ship
If hed been a salesman Id be somewhere selling cars
If hed been a drinker Id be sitting in a bar
Even Jesus looked up to someone
Cause a boy will always be
His fathers son

Every young boy I knew as a kid
Wanted to do what daddy did
Be a big or small or good or bad
Daddys footsteps is a young boys path
If hed been a preacher Id be somewhere saving souls
If hed been a teacher Id be in a school I know
If hed been a joker Id be making people laugh
If hed been a soldier Id be walking through Baghdad
Even Jesus looked up to someone
Cause a boy will always be
His fathers son

So dads choose wisely what it is you do
Cause there is someone looking up to you
Girlll get husband and hes gonna love his wife
If you have no other then hell be home every night
You support your family hes gonna have a job
If you took him to church the grandkids will no doubt
Cause even Jesus looked up to someone
And a boy will always be
His fathers son

[Thanks to Mariusz Dybus for lyrics]

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