Wayne Mills Band, Nobody Knows Lyrics

Nobody Knows Lyrics

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Wayne Mills Band - Nobody Knows Lyrics

Iíve always been a good guy, tried not do nobody wrong

Iím trying to keep my good spirits up but lately Iím not that strong

Iím doing everything wrong just trying to do right

Iíve done damn good job fooling those folks night after night

Everybody knows I love whiskey and I love good times

They say Iím doing alright, they think Iím a hell of a guy

But they never think about what Iíve put you through

When I come home three hours late acting a fool


Nobody knows about the bad side of me

Or the things that I say when Iím out of my mind

Youíve heard it all and there were times I swore you would leave

But you prove me wrong time after time and stood beside me

Youíve always been there when I come undone

You always reel me in when I want to run

Steady and strong when I lose control

Youíre the angel that saved me from the fires down below


You prove me wrong time after time and stood beside me

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