Wayne Mills Band, Time For Texas Lyrics

Time For Texas Lyrics

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Wayne Mills Band - Time For Texas Lyrics

I like songs about Texas towns like Luchenbach and Abilene

Willie and Strait know them well but those are places Iíve never seen

Iíve got kinfolk in Dallas Iíd visit when I was young

Now I wanna go back and have myself some grown-up Texas fun

Robert Earl Keen sings really cool I think heíd look out for me

Show me the front porch at college station where Lyle Lovett used to sing

I wanna shake hands with ole Bojangles Iím talkiní bout Jerry Jeff

Hell, I think Iíll head out there and introduce myself

Iím Wayne Mills from Alabama I aint never had too much fun

I like drinkiní beer with my fishiní pole, I like to shoot off my guns

I play bad golf when the sun comes up I play music when it goes back down

I sure hope youíll welcome me to your town

Donít get me wrong I love the Flora-Bama, Jay Hawkins really smokes

I love late nights at Ole Mississippi and folks up in Muscle Shoals

I laid it down in Birmingham, picked it up in Tennessee

Macon, Georgia sure been good to me, now itís time for Texas

(Chorus) X2

Somebody tell those Texas boys, donít forget Pat Green

Iím on my way, if you donít mind, save a bar stool for me

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