Gillian Welch, Scarlet Town Lyrics

Scarlet Town Lyrics

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Gillian Welch - Scarlet Town Lyrics

Buddy i went down to scarlet town
ainít never been there before
well you slept on a feather bed
I slept on the floor

Now i donít mind a little time
Or drinking my coffee cold
But the things iíve seen in Scarlet town
Did mortify my soul

Well look at that deep well
Look at that dug grave
Ringin that i am there
In scarlet town today

I spent some time in New Orleans
And in Cairo on a bend, but
Scarlet town brought me down
Low as i ever been

On the day i came to scarlet town
You promised iíd be your bride
But you left me here to rot away
Like Polly on the mountain side

Now you may hide in scarlet town for a
Hundred years or more
But the man who knows what time it is is
Knocking at the door

So fare you well my own true love
If you ever see me around
Iíll be lookin through a telescope
From hell to scarlet town

[Thanks to Chris A. for lyrics]

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