Kevin Welch, Glorious Bounties Lyrics

Glorious Bounties Lyrics

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Kevin Welch - Glorious Bounties Lyrics

Whoa senorita, my mind is gone
and so is all of my money
One small kiss is all that I wish
for you are sweeter than honey
I have squandered my whole life away
Ia^m asking you for benediction
See, I'm going down to the river to drown
Now is my time for redemption

There are glorious bounties in heaven above
There are glorious bounties on earth
But when your course fails, and you're lost among the rails
You'll never know what they were worth

There was a young woman I loved her well
She was all my eyes could see
For all I could do, her heart was never true
Still I could not leave her be
I found her in bed with another man
I killed him in his sleep
I was quick with him, but she died only when
she awoke and she began to weep
(repeat chorus)

Whoa senorita my mind is gone
along with all that I treasure
One small kiss is all that I wish
for I'll never again have the pleasure

Written By: Dustin Welch / Kevin Welch

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