Kevin Welch, New Widow's Dream Lyrics

New Widow's Dream Lyrics

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Kevin Welch - New Widow's Dream Lyrics

Moonlight scatters cross her sheets
Soft eyelashes on her cheeks
A dream is stirring in her sleep
Her breath is shallow soft and warm
Like lace itís caught upon a thorn
Now the dream is finally born

Now her man is by her bed
A light is shining 'round his head
Across his chest the deepest red
His lips they move but do not speak
His eyes are sad but do not weep
His heart is full but does not beat

A gypsy wagon slowly comes
The driver with his guitar strums
The saddest song was ever sung
When she wakes itís nearly dawn
She still hears the gypsyís song
But now itís fading, now itís gone

Her salty tears her bloodshot eyes
Are raised upon the winter skies
Where high above her angel flies
Whoís to say what these things mean
Or how many other young wives have seen
That same old new widow's dream

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