Cheryl Wheeler, Hard Line To Draw Lyrics

Hard Line To Draw Lyrics

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Cheryl Wheeler - Hard Line To Draw Lyrics

We've been spending sleepless nights
Wondering what to do
And I don't know if I can take this
When I look at you

'cause maybe we're just biding time
'til something comes along
I need to slow down, I don't know now
If this is right or wrong

It's a hard line to draw
Close play to call
These days I just can't say at all
And it's sure not black and white
If the dream is worth the fight
And I hope somehow we can work this out all right

I know the fire and fascination
Is bound to fade in time
But can it be right when it seems like
There's nothing left behind
We ask ourselves a thousand questions
Wondering how'd it come to this
And now I'm not sure
Maybe it's just me or maybe this is what love is

(Repeat Chorus)

And if love is blind
Then we're a blank stare
Half the time we're going nowhere
I'm scared to change, don't want to tell you
Scared to find out there's nothing left to lose

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