Cheryl Wheeler, Praise the Lord and Life Is Grand Lyrics

Praise the Lord and Life Is Grand Lyrics

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Cheryl Wheeler - Praise the Lord and Life Is Grand Lyrics

Praise the lord and life is grand
And man I feel so crazy
Quite a leap from who I am
To who I want to be
I woke up this morning with the heaviest of hearts
Donít know where the blue sky ends and where the gray one starts

I donít need no comforting
No pills to make me happy
Little pills to take until
You just donít feel a thing
I can drone these words until they haunt me like a ghost
They can be the medicine that touches me the most

All the day the clouds will lay
The winter gray above me
And all the night, the snowy sight
The glowing light so lovely

I canít make this go away
Canít shake this from my shoulders
I can be so slow to see
What everyone has seen
Wish I didnít feel this way but Iím afraid I do
Wish I had ten thousand stars to offer up to you

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