Tony Joe White, The Gift Lyrics

The Gift Lyrics

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Tony Joe White - The Gift Lyrics

I was sitting in a grave yard and I
didn't know
And I walk in the dark and a bottle of wine
Thinking there the moon hang in the sky.

Cut your rope.

Have a little tune going through my ear
Then I started to cry
.. in heaven on my heart
Too much on my mind.

I was staring out of the shadows
When I don't .. a few
Heard the whisper in the ..
All around you.

Then it get towels in my hand everybody's thinking so
Can slip the release and all the pieces
but they knew it was time to go
They left me there.
The cold gray dawn.

I feel like a man walking in the sleep
.. to my car.
But now I have a shut gun rider
She said: I ain't gonna fall
I hope you remember what you've seen here.
Boy, as long as you live.
I'm gonna have to leave you now
.. that's the gift.

[Thanks to Gee for lyrics]

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