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Cowboys & Indians Lyrics

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John Williamson - Cowboys & Indians Lyrics

Tell me old Bill Sullivan when you were a lad
Did you hear of murderin' ways
You speak a little Aranda and Walpiri
But you'd rather speak of drovin' days

Can you remember, not so long ago
Aborigines weren't allowed to come to town
But Pioneer Picture Night, oh boy, what a treat
They broke the rules and let 'em watch the cowboys

Gene Autry, Tom Mix
Yahoo! Here they come
Chasin' all the Indians away
Shoot 'em down, round 'em up
Yahoo! For the cowboys
But what about the Indians
Those brave native Indians
Do we love those cowboys today?

Up in the saddle, black men by your side
They knew the nomad days were done
Proud to be ringers, perfect for the job
In the hot and dry and dusty run

Big hats, red shirts, hear the jingle jangle
This is how the west was won
Now down on the riverbed, nothin' left to do
Now the drovin' days are done

[Thanks to freeman for lyrics]

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