The Woodshedders, Another Whiskey Lyrics

Another Whiskey Lyrics

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The Woodshedders - Another Whiskey Lyrics

my darling called me crying and broke it off over the phone
and now i canít do nothing my tears like an elephant
iím feeling like that picture that never did turn out
she made a harp from cold rain
named an old dirt road my name

iím gonna open up my mouth and put another whiskey in
for iím a black cloud sinking and ainít nobody here my friend
iím bound through the cold even if my fur is gone
thereís a song inside of my lungs
iím freezing out for my one
i can see nothing

i wrote her a letter and signed it with this here pain
but she made a ball of it, and lost it was a sand grain
the sun was sinking, but i thought it was the dawn
the radio was on, but it wouldnít play a song

well someone lit the heater, and then she sat right here
iíd go home but thereís a fire in my ear
i open up my mouth and put another whiskey in
its only the end, o the next beginning
i can see nothing

[Thanks to corn johnson for lyrics]

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