The Woodshedders, That's Old Time Lyrics

That's Old Time Lyrics

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The Woodshedders - That's Old Time Lyrics

the first time the rain fell down on a hollow log
a seashell held up in the wind sang a lonesome song
the first time the vine grew Ďround and broke the gourd
old time music it was born

and every since then man he couldnít take his rest
the women danced around doing the cuckoo call
just like later did josephine baker
and the firelight shined and burned the whole night long
and old time music found a home

up and across the years the songbirds flew
and over seven oceans made their way

becoming everything from bluegrass to jazz
and now every other cat that you meet on the streetís
got a pick in hand and an old string band
now we donít let no radios tell us how to sound
for old time music is the genuine

cracked old fiddle squawking like a goose,
kay bass thumping like a stomping moose
hobo camping out in the caboose
thatís old time thatís old time

djangling nineteen thirty some d-18
bandanna on a stick holding everything
barn dance mama jumping like a spring thatís old time thatís old time

banjo banging out the crooked beat
moonshineís cooliní in the cripple creek
dead arm daveyís got the shuffliní feet
thatís old time thatís old time

granny greasy coating up the frying pan
uphill both ways with an egg in her hand
riding in the buggy with sally ann
thatís old time thatís old

the clouds i made a pillow
under the crying willow
i found my roots
and i dreamed the music

[Thanks to Irvin Brooke for lyrics]

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