Judd Wynonna, Love by Grace Lyrics

Love by Grace Lyrics

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Judd Wynonna - Love by Grace Lyrics

I remember the rain on the roof that morning
And all the things that i wanted to say
And the angry words that came
From nowhere without warning
That stole the moment and sent me away
And you standin?there in the doorway crying
And me wonderin?if iíd ever be back

I said i didnít come here to leave you
I didnít come here to lose
I didnít come here believin?br> i would ever be away from you
I didnít come here to find out
Thereís a weakness in my faith
I was brought here by the power of love
Love by grace

And i remember the road just went on forever
I just couldnít seem to turn that car around
Ďtil in the distance like a long lost treasure
The phone booth that just could not be found
And you standing in the doorway waiting
And the moment when we lay back down
That was just a moment in time
And one weíll never forget
But one we can leave behind
Ďcause when there is doubt
Youíll remember i said

(repeat chorus)

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