Trisha Yearwood, Jackie's House Lyrics

Jackie's House Lyrics

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Trisha Yearwood - Jackie's House Lyrics

Iīd put a liittle love note in a bottle throw it off the Bay Street
Watch it glide along the willows
Iīd run along the bank with the other kids
If that bottle didnīt hang up on the stones
It would ride that river with a will of its own
Itīd go underground and come up in the crecek behind

Jackieīs house, Jackieīs house
Iīd hang around until Jackie came out
My hands would shake my heart would ache
I didnīt know what is was but I first felt love
Behind Jackieīs house

You could hear a pin drop in that parlor it was horsechair chairs and old
Jackie sat beside me like a statue
The other kids were out playing kidsīgames
Those funny feelings strage and unknown
They would rise like the river with a will of their own
With the risk I took when I first stole a look into

Jackieīs eyes, Jackieīs eyes
I saw forever like an endless sky
My hands would shake my heart would ache
I didnīt know what is was but I first saw love
Behind Jackieīs eyes

After all this time Jackieīs heartīs still mine
And the love keeps on flowing behind Jackieīs house, oh ...
Now our little ones they laugh and run down by the creek in the summer
Jackieīs and me and the years agree
We know what it is, itīs love and it lives here
In Jackieīs house oh and in Jackieīs eyes
Oh in Jackieīs heart and mine

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