Chris Young, Hold You To It Lyrics

Hold You To It Lyrics

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Chris Young - Hold You To It Lyrics

Girl, You wear the hell out of that dress
An I can hardly catch my breath
When I see you look this way.
And I been sittin' here all night long
Waitin' on your favorite song.
It's finally startting to play.

Baby, do you feel that bass line pumpin'
Tell me, can you hear that kick drum thumpin' on the 2 and 4
Let's get on that floor
Love to hear the slide of the guitar ringin'
Melody's sayin' everything I'm thinking
And I'm startin' to think you think it too
I Love the way you're movin'
Feel the backbeat groovin'
I'm gonna hold you to it

Damn, when you start to sway your hips
I start thinkin' about your lips
On mine and mine on them
And I love dancin' with you so much
I ask the DJ to turn it up
And keep playin' that song again and again

[Repeat Chorus (x2)]

Yeah, I wanna hold you to it

[Thanks to Pete for lyrics]

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