Steve Zuwala, Good as Gone Lyrics

Good as Gone Lyrics

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Steve Zuwala - Good as Gone Lyrics

Girl I can't get used to
These nights alone
Or the sound of silence
That files our home

Your coats there
Its handgin over the chair
Next to your key and your cell phone
So I know
You're home

Girl we share the same roof
But baby - you're as good as gone

When you're lyin' beside me
You're still miles away
And it feels like goodbye to me
Might be
Any day

I see the signs
Still I don't know why
You say you love me when I know
You Don't
Cause it shows
When we share the same bed
and baby you're as good as gone
You're as good as gone

But know we're dancing cheek to cheek
You've got your arms around me
I know you're mine for as long as this song
I pray it goes on and on and on
Cause I know
If I let you go
You're as good as gone
No I can't let you go
'cause I know
You're as good as gone
No I won't let you go
'cause I know
You're as good as gone

[Thanks to Crystall for lyrics]

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