, Come Back To My World Atl Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Come Back To My World Atl Tabs, Chords

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- Come Back To My World Atl (Chords)

 Sheet music
These are the chords. You can choose how you want to play them but I play them with a capo on the first fret like this:

A#: 	 C:      D#:     F:
e|--0--| |--2--| |--2--| |--4--|
b|--2--| |--4--| |--3--| |--5--|
g|--2--| |--4--| |--2--| |--4--|
D|--2--| |--4--| |--0--| |--x--|
A|--0--| |--2--| |--x--| |--x--|
E|--x--| |--x--| |--x--| |--x--|

Verse 1
           A#        C               D#                F
Well it's three A.M., and I've been tryin' to get some sleep
         A#                   C                                D#               F
But the thoughts of you keep runnin' through my mind like they have been, all damn week
                 A#                C     D#                     F       A#
I can see those shadows on the wall, and I can still hear your feet
        C               D#    F
They're walking out on me

A#         C               D#   F
Won't you come back to my world, let me be your man
A#         C                    D#               F    
You might see my pain and you might just better understand
           A#               C                  D#                    F         A#
That your eyes are so damn beautiful yeah the ocean don't compare to you, to you
C  D#  F

Verse 2

And all your friends they know what I'm goin' through 
And I dread waking up every day 'cause I'm always missing you
And I dial your old number, 3773 but it seems to be so busy, every day

Repeat Chorus
Now please pick up the telephone
Why don't you pick up the telephone

A# C D#

A#            D#      A#               D#  A#        D#                F   
I've got your machine, tell me what to say, I need you to come back to me, why don't you come back to me now girl

Verse 3
Lo and behold, I could hear my phone a ringin' 
It was you, you were telling me some things that I wanted to hear
I said girl just put out the fire, I think you need to hear what I have to say

Well I miss your skin, and i miss your face I miss your love and touch every day And the way you hold me close everything you'd say that would drive me so insane

Repeat Chorus 

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