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Rex Allen, Dont Go Near The Indians Chords

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Rex Allen - Dont Go Near The Indians (Chords)

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Don't Go Near The Indians

Rex Allen

Key = G - C - D    ***Brackets indicate Chords occur in one Bar/Measure

Intro = Tom Tom Beats x 4 bars


G            C                G             D7 
Son Don't Go Near The Indians Please Stay A-way
G            C               (G         D7)    G 
Son Don't Go Near The Indians Please Do What I Say

      G            C                                 D7
Since I Was Just A Little Boy I've Liked To Roam The Hills
       G                   C               (G      D7)     G  
And To Hear Wild Stories A-bout The Indians Was My Biggest Thrill
    G                  C                       G               D7
I'd Shout And Yell And Holler Like Them I Wore Moccasins On My Feet
        G                  C                   (G      D7)     G  
And I'd Make Believe I Was Under A Teepee Every Time I Went To Sleep

   G                            C 
My Hair Was Jet Black And I Was Twenty One
        G              D7
Lots Of Pretty Girls A-round
        G                       C
But The Paleface Maidens Didn't Thrill Me None
         (G       D7)        (G    G7) 
Around My Cochise County Home Town

Repeat Chorus In Key Of C

    C                 F               C                  G7  
One Day I Went To The Reservation And There By A Shallow Creek
      C                  F                 (C      G7)    C
Was A Beautiful Indian A'fetchin' Water And I Just Had To Speak
    C                 F                    C               G7
She Smiled At Me Then Quickly Left But The Next Day She Re-turned
       C                       F               (C       G7)     (C     A7)  
And It Wasn't Very Long Till I Told Her How The Love In My Heart Burned

Repeat Chorus In Key Of D

  D                 G                D                  A7
I Told My Daddy I'd Found A Girl Who Meant The World To Me
       D                  G                   (D       A7)  D 
And To-morrow I'd Ask The Indian Chief For The Hand Of Nova Lee
      D                    G            D             A7
Dad's Trembling Lips Spoke Softly As He Told Me Of My Life
       D                    G              (D      A7)    D 
It Was Then He Said I Could Never Take This Maiden For My Wife

Recitation: Play Chord Progression As Per Verse In Background.

Son The White Man And Indian Were Fighting When You Were Born

And A Brave Called Yellow Sun Scalped My Little Boy

So I Stole You To Get Even For What He'd Done

Though You're A Full Blooded Indian Son

I Love You As Much As My Own Little Feller That's Dead

And Son Nova Lee Is Your Sister And That's Why I've Always Said....

Repeat Chorus (Fading)

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