Ambush (Canadian band), Take My Picture Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Ambush (Canadian band), Take My Picture Tabs, Chords

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Ambush (Canadian band) - Take My Picture (Chords)

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Capo 1

D Em G 2x

Verse 1
G                                               D  
That photgraph was taken on Dillon's third birthday
D                    G
August 21st back in 1988
G                                          D 
Time canít seem to fade the sparkle in his eyes
Even as the years go by
   D/F#    G           D  D/F#         G   
I still remember that day like it was yesterday

         D               A
Take my picture Dad Iím riding my first bike
   Em                       D/F#    G 
A Polaroid to capture the greatest moment of his life
D                      A 
Take my picture we can put it in a frame 
    Em                  D/F#   G
So every time we see it we can live this day again 
          D     Em G
Take my picture 

Verse 2
G                                    D 
My boy became a man dressed in army green
D                                    G 
They grow up so fast I still canít believe
G                                            D 
I still got the papers that sent him off to war
D                                        G 
He said freedom was well worth fighting for
         D/F#     G 
We were both so scared and proud and I said 

         D                A 
Take my picture when you head out over seas
Em                          D/F#       G   
Every chance you get take it out and talk to me
         D              A 
Take my picture keep it right beside your heart
Em                       D/F#                 G 
I will be there with you even though we're worlds apart 
Take my picture

       Em                          D/F#               G  D/F# 
Then a man came from the army said my son was coming home
      Em                  D/F#       
His helicopterís been shot down
     G                  D/F#
Iím sorry but heís gone
    Em           D/F#             G             D/F#
He handed me a folded flag and a plain brown envelope 
Em                   D/F#      G         
Inside was Dillonís photograph and on the back he wrote 

        D           A
Take my picture and hang it on the wall
     Em                      D/F# G 
Tell mom and sis and grandpa how much I miss them all
          D                  A 
Take my picture I know weíll be together soon
No matter where I am
D/F#  G  
I am always with you
           D    Em G 
Take my picture 
           D    Em G D
Take my picture 

Ambush (Canadian band) Tabs & Chords

Ambush (Canadian band) Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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Ambush (Canadian band)
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