Rodney Atkins, Invisibly Shaken Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Rodney Atkins, Invisibly Shaken Tabs, Chords

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Rodney Atkins - Invisibly Shaken (Chords)

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Invisibly Shaken - Rodney Adkins
Written: Billy Kirsch and Rodney Adkins

Intro: B with riff
E|----97 97-------97--------------------------
Play riff twice end on the F# note in d position 

My friends say
Theyíre proud of me
For taking our break up
So casually
But they donít see
       C#             B
What lies beneath my smile
( riff once between verse)
It appears
That Iím okay
That I moved on
When you walked away
But the truth is
Fm                Bb      B          
Since you said goodbye

Iím invisibly shaken
And quietly breakiní
              D#m          C#        B
Desperately takiní one breath at a time
Beneath this composure
I know itís over
          D#m             C#        B
Baby Iím dying cause you canít be mine
  E                  B              C#
But I will never show the toll itís taken
Cause Iím invisibly shaken

(Riff once )

(chords same as above for verse and chorus)

If it looks
Like I donít care
Like itís not killing me
Seeing you here
And hearing you say
You want to try us again

(Riff once)

Believe me, it ainít easy
Being this cool
But too many times girl
Iíve been your fool
And I know Iíd just
End up here again

Invisibly shaken
And quietly breakiní
Desperately takiní one breath at a time
Beneath this composure
I know itís over
Baby Iím dying cause you canít be mine
But I will never show the toll itís taken
Cause Iím invisibly shaken
Instrumental ( F#     C#

           D#m            C#      B
Baby Iím dying cause you canít be mine
 E                B         C#
But I will never show itís taken
Cause Iím invisibly shaken

Outro same as the intro end On F#

Atkins Rodney Tabs & ChordsAtkins Rodney Lyrics

Atkins Rodney Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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