Austin Collins, Reckless & Lovely Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Austin Collins, Reckless & Lovely Tabs, Chords

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Austin Collins - Reckless & Lovely (Chords)

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Reckless & Lovely
By Austin Collins

Texas Country/Red Dirt artists that are great to listen to but hard to find!

C                                    F
Will I look back and love you, would you walk with me downtown
Am                             G
Find ourselves home safely, my heart is on the ground
C                      F 
I canít promise riches and you wonít bring me life
Am                                  G
But if I was good to you, would you stay with me tonight

F                     C
Baby I donít wanna be famous
         G                               C
Iíve got no desire to take you from your friends
F                             C
Just wanna give you something precious
              G                    F 
ĎCause youíre reckless and lovely again

Can I come back and hold you, Can I try to find a way
Memories that I canít touch I pray wonít be erased
Something on those evenings and you said you didnít care
I looked hard under your eyes and Iím still there


Will I look back and love you would you walk with me downtown
Find ourselves home safely, my heart is on the ground
When youíre up late at night and Dallas ainít your friend
Call me, honey, anytime Iíll invite you in

Youíre reckless and lovely again
Youíre so reckless and lovely again

Austin Collins Tabs & Chords

Austin Collins Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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