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Hoyt Axton, Greenback Dollar Chords

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Hoyt Axton - Greenback Dollar (Chords)

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Greg, here is a song someone requested awhile back.It was written by 
Hoyt Axton. I'm not sure who performed it, it may have been the Kingston 

Em                    G           Em                G 
Some people say I'm a no count, others say I'm no good,
     C7                       G
But I'm just a natural born travelin man, 
D                         Em
Doin what I think I should, Oh yeah, 
D                          EM
Doin what I think I should.

        G            C            G         C
And I don't give a damn about a greenback dollar,
G         C         G
Spend it fast as I can,
C      G      C           G          C
For a wailin song, and a good guitar,
      D                           Em 
The only thing thatas I understand, Poor boy,
      D                         Em     
The only thing that I understand.

When I was a little babe, my mama said hey son,

Travel where you will, and grow to be a man,

And sing what must be sung, poor boy,

Sing what must be sung.


Now that I'm a grown man, I've travelled here and there,

I've learned that a bottle of brandy and a song,

The only ones who ever cared, poor boy,

The only ones who ever cared


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