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Band of Heathens, L.A County Blues (Live) Chords

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Band of Heathens - L.A County Blues (Live) (Chords)

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                Band of Heathens

L.A. County Blues

*This is the un-capoed version of this song as played
 on their "Austin City Limits" special, I believe its
 in the key of A. I also included the little fill that 
 they use in between the verses and as the intro.

Intro/Fill: (h=hammer, s=slide, b=bend, O=open)


Intro: X 2 (let last A ring........)


A                         D
I was never one for compromise, 

 E                   A
Couldn't fit in at school

A              D    
Gonzo by the seventh grade

E                   A    
I played 'em all a fool

       E                      D/F#  A               D
Well I couldn't find shoes my size, had to walk ten miles

        A               D                E                 A
There's blisters on the backs of my soles, and an illegal smile


     E                     D/F#  A               D
Were burnin down Las Vegas town, had to sleep by noon

A                   D                      E                A
Drank my money on a red roulette, that's a ride you can't refuse

E                              D/F#   A                 D             
Five hours down with a sunrise frown, lightning in your shoes

     A               D              E         A
It's one foot in the ether with the LA county blues

Fill X 2


They got me on accessory, thirty days in jail
One headlight in a Louisville night, 
Without a chance at bail
Well I'll be home by derby time
So please save me a seat
Mint juleps on the outfield grass, 
The old south tastes so sweet


Fill X 2 


Well you can call me Mister Raoul-Duke
I'll know what you mean
Blinded by a quart of rum, and dose of mescaline
Mint 400 couldn't slow me down
I kinda like the speed
With the failure of our generation
For a couple bags of weed


    A               D              E
Its one foot in the ether with the LA...

With the LA county blues

Fill X 2

Slide solo(Chorus chords)


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Band of Heathens
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