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Bart Crow Band, Saying Goodbye Chords

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Bart Crow Band - Saying Goodbye (Chords)

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                Capo 1

Verse 1:
C        G             D
Ive been searching for some connection
C        G             D
To put a finger on the way you 
C        G             D
Ive been searching from every direction
C     G               D
Keeps feeling like my hearts gonna break

      G               C              D
So Im saying goodbye, no tears I cry for you
    G                   C                   D
Ive done all I can, Ive been a good man for you
         G                   C                   D
But your hearts cold as ice, I pay the price for loving you
                    C  G  D  C  G  D
Baby Im saying were through, through
C       G       D                   C  G  D
Like or not hey Baby Im saying were through

Verse 2:
Had the party on the night I met you
Somebody told me I could drive you home
Then you kiss me on the corner of your doorway
Should of known that it would never last long

Verse 3:
I spent some time out in San Fransisco
Thought the ocean was a nice getaway
Then you left me in the corner of the diner
Where were supposed to meet that day

Am                     F
I wanna hear about you hard love stories
Am                 F
I wanna hear where life went wrong
Am                         F
youve been living for your morning glory
    C                          D
and Nothing, nothings what you did all along

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