Ben Schane, Antique Noises Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Ben Schane, Antique Noises Tabs, Chords

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Ben Schane - Antique Noises (Chords)

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Antique Noises
By Ben Schane

This is a brand new CD by a brand new artist on the Texas Country scene..

Capo 3

Am  D  A  G

Am                 C
Antique noises are ringin in my head
       G                                F
I canít get out the darkness but I keep gettin out of bed
Am                             C
Time is hard on the body, Itís never phased my mind
      G                                F
I see every single struggle and I hear every bloody cry
Antique noises

Me and my pal Billy on the same six man patrol
Talked of high school hot rods, and all the girls way back home
Around the bend we found an end, the axis movin fast
I saw Billy leave that day with an angel on his back
Antique noises

C          G
Yeah I survived
         Am                       F 
When the winds changed, I made it home
Am                            F 
But Iím a bit skittish of the pitch black night
    G         Am
And far from alone

A young boy wore red soaked clothes, an entire summer night
As lights flashed up above him, he could hear his mama cry
A strange sound gathered all around, and with nothing left to lose
Young and scared he got run out of town, by a pistol in his boot
Antique noises


How you hide is no surprise when dealing with raw
Raw truth, fear, and evilness that existed for years
The thought of life all on itís own without a horrid past
Has gotta be just a little bit more sleep, and no diggin in the trash
Antique noises


Ben Schane Tabs & Chords

Ben Schane Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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