Ben Schane, Window Blinds Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Ben Schane, Window Blinds Tabs, Chords

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Ben Schane - Window Blinds (Chords)

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Window Blinds
By Ben Schane

This is a brand new CD by a brand new artist on the Texas Country scene..

C  Am  4 times

    C             Am 
Iím tired and Iím worn today
     C              Am 
    C               Am 
Iím peeking out the window blinds
   C               Am 
To make sure I am alone
  C               Am 
I set a fire all across this town
    C                Am 
The winds just wonít die down
    C          Am 
And Iím really not to sure
  C                Am 
I outta be hangin around here

Iím as nervous as a first to go act
Iím a really drinkin em down
Thereís nothing else I can do today
To take away this kinda frown
I think I just might buy me a gun
Even though itís not my style
Cause I donít think Iím gonna do to good
With only my denial

G       F                     C
Oh, Iím peekin out the window blinds
G     F            C
Oh, I got off in a bind

I feel just like a rabbit on the run,
Bein chased by a million hounds,
I was just tryin to have a little fun,
I didnít know itíd all go down,
I need a hole I can crawl off in,
That might be all thatís left,
Cause I got run back to the house,
When I run her out of breath,

Ben Schane Tabs & Chords

Ben Schane Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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