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Billy Bob Thornton, Do God Wop Chords

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Billy Bob Thornton - Do God Wop (Chords)

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                Do God Wop
written by Billy Bob Thornton
NOTE: I'm starting 3 minutes in, after the agonizingly long instrumental intro.
      Also, I'm only including the harmony vocals that don't conflict (chord-wise)
      with Thorton's vocals.   It's less complicated that way, believe me.


C Am F G  C Am F G

   C                  Am
My bones are starting to show thru
   F                 G
My eyes are dark and hollow
     C               Am
It's all because I'm missing you
             F               G
It's getting hard for me to swallow
   C             Am
If magic doesn't really come
    F              G
Why did you say it did
        C          Am
If it's just a fantasy for some
     F             G
What do I tell the kids

(Rest is Spoken)

C         Am
  Ah Dear God
F                           G          F   C
I come to you in all humbilitude (humbilitude)
          Am                         F           G
As a representative of the children (daddy, daddyyyyyy)
Yes they're the ones who aksed me to come to you
    Am                                       F   
And talk to you about this particular subject
     G                  F                       C                            
That subject being that little saying you gave us when we were in Bible school 
Am             F
At Camp Tanico
                 G                              C
Aks (aks) and ye shall receive (take it take it ooh)

Now what we aksed for was
F                                    G                                      C
Can you please just tell us what the f**k's goin' on (what the f**k's goin' on)
Does magic really come?
F                           G               
I don't be irreverent or anything like that
           F               C
I wouldn't dare would I?
                Am                    F
But see I'm standing here at Dub Vallard's Frostee Freeze
At the corner of Highway 67 and Salinburger Street
C             Am                         F             G
The home of a lovely girl with a poodle haircut named Cindy
               C            AM                            F
To whom I gave one cleat, a football cleat (hit 'em again harder)
                   G                              C               Am
Because I could't afford the 15 that the doctors' sons could (for you)
    F                 G 
You see, we're kinda lost out here GOd
                      C                              Am                      F
I've got this f**king snowcone in my hand, and it's dripping down (drip drip drip)
                                 G                         F      C
And we're wonderin' since you're kinda the doctor of the universe
         Am                                           F         G 
Could ya give us a little cream or somethin' for that   (cream doctor)
      C               Am              F
Could ya just help us out a smidgin
   G                              C
Kinda lookin' for a clue (just a clue)
I mean not in the mystery sense
           F G          F            C
Not in the     Humphrey Bogart sense
    Am                     F
But just in the sense that
We wanna know what to do
        C                                       Am                                F  G
When we wake up in the morning and our heart is beating out of our f**king chest
C      Am     F  G  C
And it hurts 

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