, Touch And Hold Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Touch And Hold Tabs, Chords

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- Touch And Hold (Chords)

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                  Touch and Hold  

capo 2nd fret

G            Cadd9     Dsus2    Em7    G    Cadd9 Dsus2
Last night I just sat and watched you sleep. In the pale
             G          Cadd9      Dsus2    G       Cadd9
neon light. I realized how much you meant to me and how 
Dsus2 Em7
blind our love really was.

chorus  (fast)

G            Cadd9           Dsus2
I wish I had you to touch and hold. From this day forward 
             Em7              G         Cadd9       G
and for the rest of our lives.You'll be the one for me.
                     Cadd9         Dsus2        Em7   G
The one I hold on to when nothing else seems to go my way.
Cadd9     Dsus2    Em7
I'll have you to touch and hold.

G       Cadd9 Dsus2       Em7   G            Cadd9
I'm not one to dance away the night. I never knew my 
Dsus2                Em7    G       Cadd9           Dsus2
feelings could go so deep. You brought a part of me out 
          Em7    G               Cadd9 Dsus2 Em7
that I didn't know I had. I only want you to keep.


repeat chorus


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