Willie Boxcar, Jesus, I Need To Talk To You Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Willie Boxcar, Jesus, I Need To Talk To You Tabs, Chords

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Willie Boxcar - Jesus, I Need To Talk To You (Chords)

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Jesus, I Need To Talk To You: Boxcar Willie

Chorded by Gary W, 30 Aug 2006

Intro: Follow pattern of line of first verse*

(D) Last night my little (D7) boy, knelt (G) down beside his
(D) bed 
He put his hands together, (E) then he bowed his (A7) head 
He said (D) Jesus up in (D7) Heaven, I (G) need to talk to (D) You 
*(D) My Mama Always said, You'd (A7) know what to (D) do 
(D) I just don't under-(D7)-stand, why (G) Mom was called a- (D) way 
But Daddy said that we, will (E) understand some-(A7)-day, 
But (D) since my Mama's (D7) gone, oh (G) things are not the (D) same, 
Sometimes at night, I hear (A7) Daddy call her (D) name 
(D) Please tell my (D7) Mama, (G) that I'm being (D) good 
I'm doing all the things, (E) that she said I (A7) should 
I'm (D) trying so very (D7) hard, to (G) be her little (D) man 
(D) And each night before supper, I (A7) wash my face and (D) hands 
Instrumental: Same as Intro
(D) Please tell my (D7) Mama, (G) that I miss her (D) so 
And oh how I love her, but (E) this You already (A7) know 
And (D) there's just one (D7) thing more, to (G) say before I'm (D) through, 
Jesus I feel better, (A7) when I talk to (D) You 
(D) Well I just stood there in the (D7) hallway, with
(G) tears running down my (D) cheeks. My little boy crawled
into bed, and (E) soon was fast a-(A7)-sleep.
But I (D) knew he'd found an inner (D7) strength, and it (G) would always see him (D) through 
And I said Jesus up in Heaven, I (A7) need to talk to (D) you

[Thanks to Gmwns@aol.com for tabs]

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