Boxmasters, You Crossed The Line Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Boxmasters, You Crossed The Line Tabs, Chords

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Boxmasters - You Crossed The Line (Chords)

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You Crossed the Line
M. Butler
Key: D


D                                               G
Hey there buddy that's a beautiful girl you got next to you
         D                                       A
With the kind of smile that can brighten up your night
  D                                    G
I got some weird news for you, hate to kill the mood
         D                  A                D
But that girl of yours just happens to be my wife

Now I'm not the kind of guy who likes to hurt no one
And believe me pal this ain't no fun for me
But where I'm from if you mess around with another man's love
Then buddy you're just askin' to get beat

                G                   D
You crossed the line, now you gotta pay
                G                          A
You crossed the line, there ain't no other way
  G                D                      Bm            E7
I know she's got a thing about her that's got you mesmerized
               G        A                D
But that's all over now, you crossed the line

I can't say I blame you, she's a wonderful gal, hell I married her
And a better lookin' woman can't be found
She's damn near perfect in every except for one
Apparently she likes to f**k around




I know she's got a thing about her that's got you mesmerized
But you're all over now, 'cause you crossed the line 

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