, Fool Of The Century Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Fool Of The Century Tabs, Chords

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- Fool Of The Century (Chords)

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Fool of the Century
written by Chuck Mead

INTRO: A  F#m  B7  E  A  E

       A                                        D                            F#m
Well I waited and I waited up at day and night, thinkin' that my phone would ring
    A                                       B7                          E
But you never gave me a second thought, and told all your friends about me
        A                                                 D                    F#m
Yes you told 'em all about what a clown I was and how you had me on the end of string
    A                    F#m                            B7          E   A
Now I've got a title for which I'm known and that's the fool of the century

Well you seem so close but just out of reach
I'm always chasin' somethin' down the road
         B7                                            E
And it's way too late, I should've learned my lesson a long long time ago
But now no matter where I wonder all over town
D                           F#m
I can hear them laughin' at me
    A                     F#m                      B7          E   A
Yes they all whisper when I walk by there goes the fool of the century

SOLO (CHORUS chords)

Well I tried my best to look I fit in with your first class company
But they all looked at in disbelief and wouldn't take me seriously
Well now I followed you around for a long long time practically down on my knees
Then they all sent me to the head of the class as the fool of the century


        B7          E   A
Yes the fool of the century
F#m      B7          E   A    E  A
Mmmm the fool of the century 

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