, Too Lazy To Work (too Nervous To Steal) Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

, Too Lazy To Work (too Nervous To Steal) Tabs, Chords

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- Too Lazy To Work (too Nervous To Steal) (Chords)

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Too Lazy to Work (Too Nervous to Steal)
By Br549

Well I met you in the middle of a bar room fight in a cheap motel on the Missouri side 
I had you out in my car in the parking lot
Early next morning we were driving east headed for the big city where I felt at least
         E                                      A
We could enjoy the weather as long as we didnít talk 
Well I spoiled it my speaking my swirling head 
And your grown up eyes turned to me and said 

Thereís only one thing you got wrong with you 
It ainít the whole world looking at you 
Why donít you find yourself a life thatís real 
Too lazy to work, too nervous to steal 
Well we got to the city and you got a job delivering the LL Bean Catalog 
I was bored and restless, didnít know where to go 
Now late one evening after I got up, my guitar and I found my way to a club 
I saw that queen of diamonds work that big dance floor 
Well she looked at me but I couldnít go 
That familiar face said do you wanna know 

B                                           A
You gave me 24 hours to pack up my bags and glide
F#m                                           E
No oneís got respect for a man going over the side 
Well you went back to the station to make sure I was gone,
That bus was on time you didnít have to wait long 
I saw the bright lights of Nashville disappear behind me 
Well that greyhound was cool after the summer heat,
I could still see your face from my window seat 
I was so happy to see your crooked smile of relief  
But after miles and miles of that highwayís drone 
I  hear the last thing you said when we were all alone 


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BR-549 Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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