Br5-49, Fool of the Century Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Br5-49, Fool of the Century Tabs, Chords

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Br5-49 - Fool of the Century (Chords)

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Well I waited and I waited up at day and night
D                                 F#m
Thinking that my phone would ring.
A                            F#m
But you never gave me a second thought
        H                                 E
And told all your friends about me.
Yes you told them all about what a clown I was
                D                       F#m
And how you had me on the end of a string
        A                            F#m
Now I got a title for which I´m known
                H              E       A
And that’s the Fool of the Century

Well you seem so close

But just out of reach
I´m always chasing something down the road
And it´s way too late, I´ve shoulda learned my lesson
A long long time ago.
But now no matter where I wander

All over town
D                                 F#m
I can hear them laughing at me
       A                               F#m
Yes they all whisper when I walk by:
                   H            E        A
“There goes the fool of the century”

Solo (1x Ref.)

Well I tried my best to look like happy-hie
With your first class company
But they all looked at me in disbelieve
And didn´t take me seriously

Well now I followed you around for a long long time
Practically down on my knees
Then they all sent me to the head of the class
As the fool of the century.

           H            E       A    F#m
Yes, the fool of the century
                H               E       A
Mmmh, the fool of the century! 

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Br5-49 Tabs & ChordsBr5-49 Lyrics

Br5-49 Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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Buy Br5-49 CD

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