BR549, Honky Tonkin' Lifestyle Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

BR549, Honky Tonkin' Lifestyle Tabs, Chords

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BR549 - Honky Tonkin' Lifestyle (Chords)

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Iím out till four and Iím up at six
    D             A
And when I wake I have a fix
   A                              D
To try and cure the morning after blues
To help me make it through the day
   D               G
So I can drink the night away
That honky tonkiní lifestyle
     A               D
Will get the best of you

I pay my fare and get on the bus
Cause I lost my keys and I drink too much
The only money I haveís in my shoe
I hear the words roll through my head
That my folks and the preacher said
That honky tonkiní lifestyle
Will get the best of you

Well I drink and drink
And drink and drink some more
And though I feel high as a kite
Iím laying on the floor
My friends tell me to lose the booze
And then they  read the same old news
That honky tonkiní lifestyle
Will get the best of you

I dance, drink liquor, beer and wine
I try to have a happy time
But by the time Iím thirty Iíll be through
I try to turn to God and pray
But when I do I hear him say
That honky tonkiní lifestyle
Will get the best of you

BR549 Tabs & ChordsBR549 Lyrics

BR549 Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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Buy BR549 CD

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