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- He Found Me (Chords)

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Bret Graham He Found Me

Intro:G C D G
C                                        G 
I went to my father and said I want some cash
C                                       G  
He scraped up all he had and he gave me half
  C                                 G 
I packed my suitcase and headed out west
C                                G        
Spent a lot on wild liviní and I blew the rest
C                                    G                    
Broke down at the grey dog I was all alone
C                             G
With a one way ticket for the bus back home
C                       G                           D  
All of my prayers were answered through a man named John

C                        G 	     
I didnít find Jesus when I strayed from the fold
       C               G                        
I went looking for the pleasures of the World
   C                           G              
I stumbled in the darkness too blind to see
C              G             D
I didnít find Jesus He found me

Well my father met me at the final stop

And he saw me coming from a long way off 

I said Iím not worthy to be called your son

He took me in his arms and said welcome home

Chorus x 2
I didnít find Jesus He found me, Brother
I didnít find Jesus He found me


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