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- Late For The Show (Chords)

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Late for the Show
By Brian Rung
Words and music 2004 Brian Rung
rmofle at satx.rr.com

Capo 1

    D              D/F#   G                  D      D/F#   G  
You surely were no angel, you surely were no child
      D                   D/F#      G                  D     D/F#  G
I was driving Ďround in a Cheyenne, you was driving me wild
           D                  D/F#     G                         D     D/F#  G
I seen you smile at me in the July sun helped you run out of the rain
             D                      D/F#           G             A    
just holding hands in the streets of our home town holding on in vain
        G                  A
I got a feeling from long ago 
             D         A      G
I could tell you, you already know
         D                       A 
Youíre a diamond-studded rose of summer
Bm           A            D      
Iíve come in late for the show

Well a gypsy wind hit town one day and set my soul a-blowiní
And I followed four winds to the water line just for the sake of goiní 
And the dust on your old letters is the one and only trace
Of the sweetest love you gave so free someone has taken my place
We stopped a few sparks shy of a glow
We was dancing to your fatherís radio
Youíre a first line in a midnight love song
And Iíve come in late for the show

There ainít a reason in the world you should be waitiní Ďround for me
I took my great and golden years spent Ďem all so shamelessly
I lost every hour of every one right down to the last
Just running clean out of clean luck liviní in the past
So if youíve got somewhere to go
Hit the lights and lay that curtain down low
When itís over, itís just over 
And Iíve come in late for the show
And Iíve come in late for the show

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Brian Rung Tabs, Tablatures, Chords, Lyrics

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