Lee Brice, Woman Like You Tabs, Chords, Lyrics

Lee Brice, Woman Like You Tabs, Chords

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Lee Brice - Woman Like You (Chords)

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Intro.:  |(G)  |(Gmaj7)(G6)|(Em)  |(Em)  |(C)  |(C)  |(Am)  |(D)  |
(G) Last night, outta the blue, (Em) driftin' off to the evening news
(C) You said "Honey, what would you do, (Am) if you'd never (D)met me"
(G) I just laughed, said "I don't know, (Em) but I could take a couple guesses though"
(C) And then tried to dig real deep, (Am) said, "Darlin' (D)honestly

(G) I'd do a lot more offshore fishin', (D) I'd probably eat more drive-thru chicken
(C) Take a few strokes off my golf game, (D) if I'd have never known your name
(G) I'd still be drivin' that old green 'Nova, (D) I probably never would have heard of yoga
(C) Be a better football fan, (D) but if I was a single man
(Am) Alone and (Bm)out there on the (C)loose
Well, I'd be (Am)lookin' for a (D)woman like you"

Inst.:  |(G)  |(Gmaj7)(G6)|(Em)  |(D)  |

(G) I could tell that got her attention, (Em) so I said, "Oh yeah, I forgot to mention
(C) I wouldn't trade a single day (Am) for 400 years the (D)other way"
(G) She just smiled and rolled her eyes, (Em) 'cause she's heard all of my lies
(C) I said, "C'mon on girl, seriously, (Am) if I hadn't (D)been so lucky

(G) I'd be shootin' pool in my bachelor pad, (D) playin' bass in my cover band
(C) Restockin' up cold Bud Light, (D) play poker every Tuesday night, yeah
(G) I'd have a dirt bike in the shed and not (D)one throw pillow on the bed
(C) I'd keep my cash in a coffee can, (D) but if I was a single man
(Am) A-lone and (Bm)out there on the (C)loose
Well I'd be (Am)looking for a (D)woman like you"

Inst.:  |(C)  |(C)  |(D)  |(D)(Eb)|

(Em) She knows what a (F#m)mess I'd be if I (C)didn't have her (C/B)here
But to be (Am)sure, I (D)whispered in her ear
(G) "You know I get sick deep-sea fishin', (D) and you make the best fried chicken
(C) I got a hopeless golf game, (D) I love the sound of your name

(G) I might miss that old green 'Nova, (D) but I love watchin' you do yoga
(C) I'd take a gold band on my hand (D) over being a single man
(Am) 'Cause honestly (Bm)I don't know what I'd (C) do
If I'D (Am)never met A (D)woman like you" (G)

Outro.:  |(G)  |(Gmaj7)(G6)|(Em)  |(Em)  |(C)  |(C)  |(Am)--- |(D)--- |(G) -----

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